Logan, Alexandre Rodrigues De Oliveira (3D)


Title: Logan
Name: Alexandre Rodrigues De Oliveira
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, ZBrush

Hi all,

i’m posting here here one of my renders that i did in zbrush,
i began with a base mesh that i did in XSI and exported the base to zbrush .
it was rendered in zbrush with some final touchs in Photoshop,please comments will be welcome

Alex Oliver


You captured his feel perfectly, good job bub.


:eek: :applause: 5 stars. No words


congrats on front page! You know already how much I like it, can’t wait for your next pieces :slight_smile: I’m a fan!



Excellent work,

5 Stars from me:thumbsup:


Amazing Face … incredible Texture :thumbsup: 5 5 5 Starsss


parabéns Alex, muito bom


Cool work! What´s modelled, and what was done in PS? Could you show us some step-by-step images?


Cacilda! Matou a PAU.
Incredible nice mood charactter. You get all my respect.


caramba! ta bonito hein!
mas você trapaceou no cabelo, he he, era pra usar o hair do xsi!

Almost real!

Hey, isn’t it prohibited to smoke on a public forum?


Haha! Awesome character man! :thumbsup: wicked style!

from me! :applause:


it’s awsome man

oh i know you.you are sculptor.one of my favorite sculptors.

5 star for your shading.


Woot! No words :applause:


Wow Alex. Great stuff man.

Is the hair 3d? I think my only crit is that the individual hair strands look a little coarse.


Haha…saw this at the Tweak modeling forum. Excellent work! :thumbsup: But why isn’t this at ZBrush Central?? :slight_smile:


Very nice work



Cool work! I like textures a lot, expresion is great too. :thumbsup:


Uuuuhhhuuuu!! Congratulations my friend you deserve the front page.

Amazing work dude, better and better. Congratulations and make more works like it :thumbsup:



Jedi-Juice-i will post today there!

3mm–thanks man!!

SilvioToledo–ahahaha hi Silvio! i will try learn how do hair in XSI soon! thanks!!

Philipe–thanks buddy!

Pentagramma-i just did the background and some work in the hair in PS
i will see what i have here to show you of the step by step

visualboo–the hair was modeled in zbrush using the projection master,i did some work more in PS

=BlackNull=Thank you for your inspiration from your works!

alancamara-thanks my friend!!


hi guys!
here’s some images of the model .