Log shot, but has anyone use one of these?



$79,999 Yikes!

Would be cool to play some games on though…


hehe, that’s just sick and wrong…


That’s it right there! i’ve been looking for that for some time (not that i wanted to buy it mind you) it just looks so nice.

but really, $79,999??

no no no … according to the site the top of the line is for about $20,000 for the quad(?) 92" one. which is still expensive for just a monitor (ok it’s not just any monitor, but still, 20 grand?)

as for the three monitor setup, it’s goes from $3,000 to $15,000 depending on the size, from 45" to 69"

now $3,000 isn’t too shabby for virtually three LCD monitors (15"), assuming they’re of good quality.

anyway, if anyone’s got one, tell us how they are :>


Yeah, that thing is sweet. I saw an ad for it CPU magazine (sep 04 pg. 15) and they even show a 5-screen version that looks insane. You are correct in price; the $79k version is five 40-inch displays.


five 40" displays! now that IS sexy :>

btw … that company seems to sell some really great PCs, 4 processor workstations! that’s gotta be expensive, but i wonder if anyone here has had experience with them at all.


…and probably owned primarily by research institutions and mid to large size corporations.


What crack-driven world do you come from where 15" LCDs are a thousand dollars a piece? This stuff really is a rip-off.

C’mon, 4 18 inchers for $10,000? A single 18 incher is like $750 at most. Except for the 96" one, these are all huge ripoffs (and the 96" one is a ripoff, though not huge).


Novakog yeah you got a point there … 15" for a thousand … wasn’t thinking, but still … all these together act as a single display supposedly.

oh well … couldn’t afford it even if i wanted to :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember a thread bashing that company’s systems for being rediculously built… overclocked. That was overall, a pretty heated thread with people passing stuff back and forth both for and against that company. In the least, I like the way the site was done. Like the Apple theme.


They act exactly the same way as if you setup multiple monitors in WinXP (which act as a single display). And they have multiple inputs, so I think it’s mostly just marketing.

P.S. I just read over my post, and realized when I said “crack-driven world” it sounded a little insulting, just in case anyone misinterpreted I was just joking around (I always make jokes about crack, check above my avatar) ;).


on another forum i freguent people regulary debate whether this company is legit or not, i personally believe it to be a real company. But i have something even better than that http://www.9xmedia.com/pages-Build_a_system/X-Top_Expert---5_over_5.html

thats just amazing


yeah seems so, still, those three monitors stuck together are pretty nice looking, and btw, what kind of graphic card can handle 3+ monitors?

no worries :slight_smile:


well according to the Better Business Bureauit has a “satisfactory” rating.

but why i ask, is that i’ve never heard the name mentioned here before, all i hear is Boxx, Alienware, Dell, HP, etc. so, more specifically, isn’t the company’s prodects favored by CG artist?


They are not the same as putting multiple large monitors together because they have immersive capabilities. (At least it states so on the site linked on the original post that started this thread).


well i always felt it was real but there are some hardcore skeptics on that forum and the matrox parhelia could support 3 monitors, but when you go more than two most of the time you use two or more graphics cards llike one agp and the rest pci i think thats the method Lieberman uses


I’m pretty sure most graphics cards have the capability to do that with any set of monitors - they can certainly extend the desktop over. But I may be wrong.

Also, I believe I think it was the nVidia Quadro FX 600 can support a whole crapload of monitors, can’t remember though.


In that case, it might have to do with the quality of the immersive display. All I know is ppl have patented similar devices so I would think that there has to be some sort of innovation (or at least customization) associated with it in order for something like this to be legally patentable.


…when you click on the specs link, it says the cost is from $9999-$19999 depending on size. Where do you see it says it is $79 grand?


Oops, sorry, missed the post above clarifying the prices.


Oh man do I want one of those…now I need to find a quick way to make 79 grand to get one, hehe…