Lock timelime marker?


Just before I file a suggestion for something that already exists… : )

Is it possible to lock a timeline marker to it’s position in time? (R19)
As they are close to the play head I find it a little too easy to move them accidentally. Not good if you’re setting up a complex animation.

A ‘lock to time’ check box / menu option would be helpful.


Select your markers and put them into new layer called “markers”. Lock layer…


That’s certainly a technique I’d use for objects / object manager… but I don’t think you can do the same for markers in the timeline. Can you? How?


Select the marker in the timeline. Should be a layer field for it in the attribute manager. Or you could drag it into the layer.


Thanks guys - you are correct - it is possible. I can’t seem to drop and drag a marker into the layerfield - but I can via the field pick tool. That will do fine.