Lock Selected?


I thought this was already possible (unless I’m missing something?) but I want to select a group of objects and lock them.


For some reason object/group selection locking appears to be only available in the scene editor. It’s not even available in the keyboard options as far as I can tell.

When locking a group in the secene editor it pops up a menu rather than just toggling the button state - the icon always shows unlocked regardless. Not sure why this needs to be different to locking ungrouped objects?



You have to Group the object(s) and then select the “lock” icon on that group, choosing Unlocked or Locked. You can also set up the render method for that group (wireframe, smooth, etc)… Making a group of the currently selected objects is, iirc, “Ctrl-D” (windows, obviously). Not sure if there is a hotkey for Unlocking or Locking, but seeing as you have to select the group via the…Selection (?) panel? (not sure what it’s called; I think it defaults to the left of the interface) to select it/them, might not be worth it.

If/when Silo gets some more hotkey amiable choices for workflow (e.g., “Ctrl-U, Ctrl+Alt+X, Ctrl+H” to Unhide All, Lock Selected, Hide Selected …just an example of a hotkey workflow), it will be easier to do more multi-part models easier. Unless, of course, it already has these features and I just haven’t found them. Totally possible. :wink:


Good points Cinnsealach and pming! I think a menu item for lock/unlock selected, unlock all, lock hidden, etc. would be helpful.
pming, I went through the hotkey editor with a fine toothed comb and there’s no hotkeys for locking/unlocking yet unfortunately.