Lock nodes from deletion


I’m not sure if this is exposed to MAXScript; I have looked everywhere:

Is there a way to lock nodes from being selected and being deleted, similar to using the ‘lock’ option in the Dope Sheet? I am not talking about the transform locks. I mean locking an object from a user being able to delete it from the scene, period.

I want to use primitives to store otherwise unassigned materials in scene files so I can access them in MAXScript, but I don’t want my users to be able to accidently delete them making a marquee selection. I can’t rely on hidden or frozen. The goal is to allow users to make changes to the material(s) settings, but also switch between materials (via MAXScript) which would make some materials I need to access later, unassigned.

Thanks for any help.


you could save a mat in custAttributes , add to the world or other tracks