lock/disable rotation?


hey all,
i need to edit a model/tool’s edges in great detail and i need to do it perpendicularly to my point of view
but naturally my hand/cursor often slips outside of the model’s boundaries and i rotate it unwillingly
is it possible to lock/disable rotation completely until i finish editing the edges this way?



most all brushes you cant edit a edge the cursor edits points.
if you use ZModeler you can edit a edge and it doesn’t effect rotation.

need more info on what your trying


by edges i meant the ‘physical’ boundaries/sides of the model, not the 3D components called edges (like vertices/faces etc)
just imagine trying to move the sides of a model
but because the sides are near empty space, you constantly missclick on the empty space and rotate the model/view

is there any way to lock/disable rotation on all axes so that i don’t accidentally rotate it?


omg so close and yet so far!
i found a rotation speed setting in the preferences!
but it doesn’t go down to 0can’t believe this
at the lowest setting though, it’s much more comfortable to work with even if the model stilll rotates a bit
i still have to re-shift+rotate all the time in order to secure that im still on ortho view 100% but it’s an improvement nevertheless
if only it went down to 0, omg it was just a value for the developers, the setting is already there!*