Loading Animation


Hi Guys,

Currently I have some task on hand, requires me to edit some mocap animation on MB7.5 and exporting them back to max. I’m facing some problems.

The rigs are properly done in 3dsmax, I have no problem exporting them to fbx then opening and characterising them to control rig.

I faced problems when I need to characterise characters with animation. The animation played well before I clicked on ‘Active’ the Ctrl Rig In, when I activated it, the character freezed.

Right now I cant load animation into a character with control rig ready to edit. Usually with error prompting no ctrl from source…

I hope someone can give me a solution to the above, let me know how I can load animation and start with the edits…

Million Thanks!


Perhaps you should make operation Plot to Control Rig… first, before making it just Active?


I couldn’t load animation that was export from max into fbx format. I got this error msg:

the operation could not be successfully completed because: There is no control rig in the source file. There is no character in the source file.

How can I possibly have control rig from a max exported fbx file… I dont have the raw mocap files to clean up, just the max version for info.



Hi deana, thanks a lot for your help, it works! went to have a coffee and everything seems clearer and I see what you meant haha… thanks a lot for your help!



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