Loaded palette knife with color from pattern


Hello, I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction. I work in Painter pretty often and I’d like to select a pattern (created from a vector or photograph) and then draw with something like the loaded palette knife in order to get the smears one would get from painting with the loaded palette knife over the selected pattern without actually having to draw the pattern on the layer beforehand. I’ve seen this technique used in a video a while ago but for the life of me cannot figure out how to do it. It feels like I’ve been through all the brush settings twice!

So any suggestions would be much appreciated =)




I had this question for a looong time since seeing Android Jones creativity workshop video which i’m sure is the one you are reffering too since i haven’t seen it in others.

My deconstruction of his brush is pretty simple… i’ve installed painter 12 with his workspace(took a while to find tho) and looked at the settings.

In painter 2017 you select Loaded Knife and open the general brush settings.
Angle expression-> Velocity
Feature, resaturation and bleed set to 0 with no expression.Play with them if you want more smear.

The most important step before all these is to click on the cloning icon in the Color selector panel, that one allows you to use patterns.

Pretty much this is it regarding this brush, play with the settings to get variations.


Hi sorinmandache thank you so so much! A pretty simple fix indeed haha! It was on his workshop that I saw it yes and what a quick and awesome tool thanks again :slight_smile: