Load Animation Re-targeting Question


I have a quick question about mapping transforms for loading .XAF animations…

In one tutorial, they stated to map the “Expose World Transform” on the incoming and target objects.

So trying to look ahead for problems as I build my first character rig, that is going to be using the Load Animation feature to re-target an older game’s released animations onto my character rig (for game modding purposes)… I built a quick simple 4 bone chain representing the spine and did a quick “full spine twist” animation on the bones and exported it out as a .XAF.

Then I deleted the animation on the bones and added control gyro’s for each of the 4 bones, aligning/orienting each control object to its respective bone and parented them into the bone chain. Finally, I froze the transforms on the control objects.

During the mapping of the .XAF animation I chose the “Expose World Transform” of the incoming bone to the respective control object.

But when I played the animation, it was all jacked-up rather than the original full spine twist.

I deleted the keys, re-did the mapping using the incoming bone transform to the control object transform and it worked as expected.

Will someone explain why the “Exposed World Transform” failed to work properly?


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