Llywelyn, the return


here my last (and first) character, please, C&C,

it’s the improvment of the first charact i’ have done one year ago


i never saw the first one, but i will give crits on this one.

her eyes are too far above her nostrils, making her look very stretched. lower the eyes and shorten the nose.

the eyelids themselves could use a LOT more detail.

the corner of the mouth could use some more shaping.

i’m guessing the textures are just temporary, so i won’t crit those.


Great modeling, could we get some more angles and a wireframe of the lowest level mesh (assuming your using sub-D)? Her facial structure seems to be a combination of asian and european influence. :slight_smile:

Although its not outside of realism, the nose seems a little long.
The lower eye lashes seem to be too long and in general the eye lashes seem to be too even.
The eye brows doesn’t seem quite dense enough.

Other than that, good work.


ok man, i’ll post some wire after my rendering :slight_smile:

the camera is upper than the head, so, don’t help to say if the nose is good or not …

for the eye, do you think the iris is too smal ??

ps: no tex for now , but yes, i’ll make some for the skin (diffuse/bump/spec)




ok men, new improvment :), for eyes :slight_smile:

c&c :))


please, c&Ccccc

body view



no replies ??, no critcs ??? :((((


The ray traced eyes look great, but are a bit on the glassy side. Your eye lashes look but better but the bottom lashes are still a bit too long in my opinion.

The body is shaping up nicely, but some crits:
[li]Nipples don’t actually point straight foward, they point outward and are lower than you have them.[/li][li]Your colar bones seems to be too deep. They are also shapped a little weird. Take a look at some reference images.[/li][li]The porportions of her waistline to her breasts and hip are a little on the non-realistic side. She’s about 38-28-34 where as a realistic girl would be about 38-32-34 or 36-32-34[/li][/ul]Keep up the good work man. :thumbsup:
Now then… how about some crits for my WIP linked on my sig. :stuck_out_tongue:


a little up about the eye, better in the orbit :slight_smile:


no other critics, comment ??? ;(

i make the head less wide, and the space between the two eye too :slight_smile:



I really like your mod
She’s kind look like a doll or something…

The corner of the lips is bother me a little bit you should have a muscle there…but all the face is great…

The body is also really cool but the nipples should point to the exterior kinda make a triangle with the neck…

keep going it’s great


change the lips modelling, better ??

when i’ll spend time on the modell, i’ll remodell the eye exterior corner, to fit better with the up of the skull.


Hi men :slight_smile:

ok, totally remodelled the head, with new topology

here a little movie, 600ko



please critics…


Looks much better now.

Add some texture to the lips and add some drop-shadow at the top of her eyes to get rid of that stare :stuck_out_tongue: (you can use a sphere over the eye, make it black, and make a transparency map to make everything invis except for an area at the top of her eyes - usually works).


The face looks good so far. For the eyes you need to bring the upper eyelid down ever so slighty. The upper lid falls over the iris just a bit, but not too far or you can risk making her look sleepy. Also, the upper lip is missing the wedge shape in the upper lip, it’s the bump in the middle of the lip where the two pads meet.


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