Livingroom, Philipp Widmer (3D)


Title: Livingroom
Name: Philipp Widmer
Country: Switzerland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

this is my first post here.
this was a test for a interior lighting. i used just one light for the sun.
the girl on the sofa was a test with photoshop
i hope you will like it…


very good piece. I really like the layout. Well done.


Hey thats good… I like the
lighting a lot! Good interior.
Great materials and textures.

Really nice picture. Thumbs up!

4 stars


Welcome to the cg society!

Wonderful picture - i love the warm & calm atmosphere.
technically it seems to be nearly perfect! Great textures & rendering.

Keep up the good work!


wonderful render, the woman on the couch is a nice touch, the atmosphere looks great, its very inviting, no crits here, great stuff! :thumbsup:


5* means sensibly perfect to me - like this piece.

Now if you suspended me out over a rainy alley in Chinatown like Batman might do, I’d complain about the green glow off the plant being too strong, and about the chandelier being held up only by a wiggly wire.

Really nice work!


Wow! Thats awesome. Nice lighting and modeling. 4 stars.


Very nice, so much light. Nice work.


Mate I think this is a very warm and cozy scene, the lighting is very realistic and the modeling and texturing seems to be spot on, well done for your first post.


Great lighting and camera angle. Love the image. Great job.


Nice scene,good illumination.
There are a few AA problem areas and too much color bleed from the green…mmm…things:)


Nice job overall, I like the parquet material, nice & clean, although it could use bit more more sampling on the blur.


cool… nice lighting and modeling! 4 stars :applause:


so you only used one light source? looks amazing

did you do somthing different with the perspective? there seems to be a little FOV distortion, I like it :slight_smile:


good work:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


I like it …:bounce: :bounce:


nice work! l love it!:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


very nice work !
i love…:buttrock: :buttrock:


Very nice. One crit I have is that the cello visually merges with the right hand Barcelona Chair. It would be nice to see more of it as it would really add to the story behind the image.



Amazing lighting and good texturing!
I like the way you use the Camera.