Livingroom Archviz scene


I’m trying to get into VrayRT and is currently working on a scene. However I don’t really like the lighting 100% yet and need input and maybe some help pointing out what I might be doing wrong.

Here is an early render:

To avoid ugly highlights on the floor and in the windows I’ve tried many different things, ultimately making the render look kind of flat.

The current state of the lighting is a Vray HDRI used in a Vray dome light + the VraySun/Skylight with fairly default settings, and Area portal lights in the windows. It currently makes the raw render look like this:

It does make the highlights very blown out, and needs to be edited in post. Could I easily make the lighting this bright while avoiding the big ugly highlights in the pure render or is that futile and should just worry about it in post? As even the default highlight burn tool in the Vray framebuffer can fix it:

General impressions of the render is ofc welcome.