Living Toons - character - Tommy Lee


Here I am back again:bounce:

And also in this challenge…Man i am glad to be back!!!:applause:

So here is my first WIP of my toon thingy…


Hey hey! There he is! Welcome back man. Looking good on your toon. The face has a lot of character. :thumbsup: Don’t go away again … we miss your sick little illustrations. :smiley:


Hi Kirt!

Don´t PANIC:scream: … I´ll stay, but I had a lot to do in the tattoo studio(I told ya that in a PM):wip:

But anyway…HERE I AM SICK AGAIN!!!:twisted:


Tommy Lee:beer:


Yay! Tommy Lee’s back!:applause:
Great looking sketch so far…I’ll be watching this one:beer:


Hey thx Wildsheepchase!:beer:

And here´s a little update:


Welcome back dude! It’s good to see you around again!! :beer:
This sketch is well done! Can’t wait to see your final pic’ (of course, it will be a great one)!! :smiley:

…and good luck ! :thumbsup:


The return of Mr Insanity! I missed you, you sicko :stuck_out_tongue:



I love ya all and I love this place:love:

This is the best board I know. Not only profession,… also heartwarming friendship!!!:beer:

Till the next update

Your Sicko(lol@jeroentje)

Tommy Lee:twisted:


Hi Tommy. Lookin good. I mean MEAN. Funny I think if I ran into you on the street my 1st impression would be that you might be on bad mutha, but you are obviously the total opposite. Glad the tattoo parlor could spare you.


Had no time last 2 days…but here is a little update…:wip:
Started to color it.

Till the next:beer:


OOOOOOOOOPS…Forgot my MOKO:surprised

Btw,… A MOKO is a facetattoo.


extreme! really love the style. :surprised

are those tattos really there…???:buttrock: :buttrock:



@element412: Thanks for ya comment, I´m gald ya like it.
For ya Question…yepp…those Tattoos are
really there:twisted:


That’s looking awesome:love:
I think we need to see a photo of those face tattoos though;)


@wildsheepchase: Thanks dude!!!:beer:
Will see if I can make a photo in the next time.

And here is a little update again…My beloved Cuba-baseballshirt:love:


Nice Paint job Tommy. Looks like it’s straight on a canvas intsead of the computer. Nice Work. You putting a background in it?


Thanks Gamoron… and I am thinking about a background, but I´m not sure right now.
We´ll see:beer:

Tommy Lee




Doing great :buttrock:
Can we expect a background?
Cheers, Jeroentje
(btw, between your teeth… is that what I think it is?)


@Jeroentje: Thx dude…and yes it is;)

And here´s the Final,… maybe I´ll do a second one.


Tommy Lee