Living Toons - character - Erilaz


Something with tea, methinks!:smiley:


Yes, tea-ish it will be.
I am going to create me as a game hero. Tea will be included. Games, tea, and martial arts are my main hobbies, so it all comes together nicely!:smiley:


I’ll be posting more concepts, because as you can see, my drawing skills still haven’t improved over the last 3 challenges! It will be a challenge to make a decent looking concept!:smiley:

“Dare you face my tea-drinking skills?”


hehe tea is mad
im a bit of a fan of tea

fancy a tea battle?? (that would make an interesting final image)


Drawing looks pretty good too me.


mrmark: Yep, I am a bit tea mad. The battle is brewing…:smiley:

clanger: Hey, thanks! That’s a real compliment, because I’ve always thought my drawings to be rather shameful. Hopefully when I’ve drawn up enough ideas, my model will look good too.:slight_smile:


Hi Erilaz - you just keep going!! Great!! I Look forward to your entry - I want to see some wet teabag nunchakus in it!!


“The battle is brewing”

oh man that was so cheesy

I love it!

cool concept. I am doing martial arts to man, our other selves should spar hehe


Pit: Whee! Great to hear from you bud! It’s been a while.:smiley:

KingMob:You may not have seen it before, but I do A LOT of really bad puns during the challenges, so this is just the beginning!
:smiley: I’ve noticed that a lot of us CG people do martial arts. Maybe we should all have a tournament!:wip:

More concepts today at some point. Work is tight!


LOL, I also do Martial Arts, I lately have been training in Jeet June Do. I guess, seeing how we all work on the computer, we feel we have something to prove to the outside world, you know, like we have to prove that we are not wimpy geeks. lol, I don’t know. Just my take on it I guess.


I do wing chun, we are practically kung fu brothers!



I do Chinese Animal-Style kung-fu. It’s a more traditional shaolin style, embodying the 5 classic animals: The Tiger, the Crane, the Panther, the Snake and the Dragon. Monkeys come into it as well.:smiley:
Hmm… my challenge thread is becoming a dojo!:thumbsup:


Traditionnal Martial Arts are just good too see…they are arts.
Nothing i would count on for saving my life in a street situation.


I just wanted to say this hehehe…


CobraX: I don’t think you’ve ever seen it truly in action then! Believe me, animal style is quite street-savy.:thumbsup:


More concepty stuff:


Nice sketches Erilaz, coming along nicely.

And add my name to the list of thoses who practice martial arts, although I’ve been and I’m still training in Judo, not exactly the same style.

Glad to see I’m not alone :smiley:


i may as well let you know that i do hapkido, a korean martial art :slight_smile:

my friend john who is really incredibly good at art also does martial arts, jeet kune do mostly i think:beer:


Have all you martial art people heard of the National All-Styles tournament? We could all end up sparring with each other!:smiley:


Number 3: This one’s a bit sketchy.:hmm:


Originally posted by erilaz
Have all you martial art people heard of the National All-Styles tournament? We could all end up sparring with each other!:smiley:

Let’s do it! I am in!