Living Toons - 2D - Kieron


Hi everyone,
just got a tablet for home at long last & I thought I’d enter this one. My house cat sits up on the window near my machine sometimes & I could hear him making odd noises looking out I could see these pigeons nearby, it kind of made me laugh as they seemed to be mocking him behind the safety of the glass. Quick sketch later & here I am, I need to play about with the style more but it’s a start.



Well first I have to say: That happend real? how hillarious.
But then even if I like your idea I don’t get the idea it fits the challenge rules just posted the fist here but don’t c this in me makeing the lesson cos I don’t and I don’t like to do that.

  1. create a caricature of yourself or of any object that defines what you are, your favorite couch, car or sunglasses…as long as it is a caricature

Good luck during the challenge

Maybe it fits the rules if you also always get teased by people at the other side of the fence or so.


Well I didn’t spot the pigeon mooning him but I’m sure they were :smiley: Yeah thinking about it, it is stretching the rules a bit Iguiniz, guess a cat isn’t really an object? Guess I should come up with something else :hmm:



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