Living Toons - 2D - jeroentje


Just submitting my thread to get a good seat.
Let’s paint :buttrock:


Jeroentje, I thought you’d have at least fifteen concepts up by now!:wink:


Nope, I’m inking/coloring Itchi’s sketch at the moment.
But this challenge I will participate in. That is a promise.



Okay, I have had an idea for this one when I was in the shower just now. I’m not gonna make 15 concepts again, cause I like this one too much.
I wanna do that Darwin evolution drawing. With me getting older and older and in different fashion-styles over the years (I am 31 so the 70’s will be included :wink: )
I’m gonna use illustrator, so I won’t be making any sketches at all and it will be hard to show you wips, but I’ll see what I can do.


First WIP.


sounds good


hm… colors are a bit off, cause I’m working in cmyk and posting screendumps.


wip nr 4
I’m deleting the old posts till I got the line-up completed.


Hey looking cool Jeroentje, are you just going back in time with the outfits or will you go into the future as well?



great concept :cool:


Oh … I thought you were going to draw yourself as a guppy or something crawling out of the life sespool that was the 70s. :smiley:

Looking good man. I’m starting mine tonight, too.

  • we’ll see
  • thanks slacker :slight_smile:
  • I have only gotten back to the 80s till now and this goes back to '71 :wink:


Cool idea. Looks like smoking is your hobby :wink:


Just wait & see :smiley:




I’ll start detailing and adding the hobbies when I get to 1971. Then I’ll make a proper looking jpeg and post a link.
Somehow I doubt 1971 will fit in 1024x786. I feel old…


Abducted in 85? That’s funny! :thumbsup:


haha thats great :smiley:


Yeah, those filthy aliens still have some of my comics.
“Yeah, sure we’ll return them…”, they said. I hate people that keep my stuff.


Man,… you are old…lol.

Great style and love that U.F.O.-thingy:thumbsup:


Tommy Lee