Living Toon - 2D - Gamoron


Well, better late then never. I haven’t felt all that creative recently. But here goes… I’m still fooling with the idea, I would like to do something funny. But I seem to be an angry guy often, or bitter anyway. And I’d like to contrast with the other entries. Maybe its because I saw Punch-Drunk Love last night, its still swimming around in my head, so maybe that why this is this way.
I’m gonna try for sort of a photorealism colouring job on this, I’d also like the background be funny. I don’t know…


Nice start! I think you could get the moody feeling with the your character and still have it be comical, if you wanted to…it’s going to be all about what you put in the background to contrast with your character.
Can’t wait to see the update.:thumbsup:


if it helps, that pose made me laugh.

nice start. :thumbsup:


Thanks guys.

You’re reply made ME laugh Slacker.



Howdy Gamoron!

Meanwhile ya know me, and I love that sick toon:thumbsup:

It reminds me a bit on my entry…hehe!!!

I think we ar nearly same in reallife.


Tommy Lee


Cheers Tommy!:beer:


LOL - I just read in Tommy’s thread that you thought he looked like a bad mutha. Well, honestly … your sketch looks totally derainged! :argh:

But, I mean that in a good way. :smiley:

Excellent start Gamoron! Looking forward to your next update.


Hahaha. Thanks Kirt. I kinda look mean I guess. I’ve gotten that. But I’m a lot like Indianna Jones, Dark and sinister in the 1st few scenes of the temple of doom, then all of the sudden this goofy silly guy replaces that mental image. And your left thinking “this guy is dorky!”


Here’s an update. Not sure where the hell I’m going with this. Not looking too funny. So I’ve added a gradient map, and this is going to become the base. Are any of you familiar with the Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven? Well Tom started his canvases with red bases, so I think that’s what I’ll do here. Not an all red base but… I gotta get out and exercise and think about this one.


Looks interresting. Can´t wait to see whats coming up. Maybe I´ll try this technic in some of my future works too.:wip:

Tommy Lee

PS: May ya can make a little step by step??? Would be cool:applause:


Here it is. Hope it helps Tommy. Gradient Maps are the easiest thing to use. Like filters. I like them though. They have good effects on final images.



Hey thanks man…that was fast:thumbsup:



I really love your style!!!Great as ever…Another time a prove of ur Art skills!:applause:


Looks pretty trippy:D It will be interesting to see how this one develops:wip:


GREAT art :wip:

So when will you turn in a wearwolf? ^^"


Ummm… That only happens during a full moon, and when I’ve had to much to drink.
:scream: :surprised


hEY! please!give us more of ur stuff !!!:bounce: More,More,More…pleaze!


I’m sorry but I can’t seam to attach images to this post anymore. So I’m not sure what to do. Might have to just place it in the Cg Challenge site. I’ve tried all day and it says I’ve already attached my update when I obviusly haven’t.
C’est la vie


Too bad!! I have a lot of problem attaching images too…:smiley: grraaarr


I want to see more your cool stuff so here is solution:

So post your stuff and -OZ- too