Living room


This is a living room that will never be finished. It was one of the first models I ever did, and I go back every now and then and update it with new techniques I’ve picked up. I’m doing it in Max 7 with ClothFX, and Mental Ray. I like where it is going, but I think I’ll be adding a lot more details if I get more free time. Let me know what you think!


Nice start. You might want to check the proportions in your scene. Also, changing from the default max textures will help out your scene alot.


sphere, good call on the textures, that is pretty lame. I’ll change it. I’m not sure about the proportions. the room should be pretty much to scale (maybe not that railing), but the furniture was just stuck in later, so it’s probably off. What seems off? Thanks


Hes talking about the comparison in SCALE of your furniture and then your stairs… The stairs look way too small compared to the furniture…


AaronATL, It may just be me but the rail does look a little short. The stairs don’t seem to go up a full level either. Keep at it, I’m interested to see progress.


Ok, I’ve made some adjustments. Let me know what needs fixin’.


The angle of the step looks funny to me dunno why. Maybe because the very last step is steeper than the rest. Good work so far.


The camara angle is very strange - makes the entire scene look orthographic or isometric. That might be what is making the stairs look sooo small compared to the furntire.

Also heads up on the wood floor - no floor would ever be that shiny. Heck, it looks like its ice. Drop that reflection down a bunch.


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