Living room, Selvakumaran Kuttisamy (3D)


Title: Living room
Name: Selvakumaran Kuttisamy
Country: India
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

This is an interior scene rendered in Vray and post-effects done in Photoshop. I hope all ur comments.


This is a pretty nice image, I like the fabric materials. I think the interior light is a bit dark considering how bright the outside is looking. I also think composition wise, the cream chair behind the sofa draws too much attention and could be moved.



I think this is a masterful image, not only because of the lighting and composition - respectfully disagree with the previous poster, but it also conveys a natural, ‘lived-in’ environment which makes it all the more appealing.


Yeah, I agree with that.



Really nice image. I love the floor texture. I do have to agree that the interior is a bit dark considering how bright the outside is. I feel that more of that light would bounce inside in real life. If the brightness from outside was toned down just a bit, I think it would look more realistic. Please know this is nit picking a great render.


very nice render i liked it a lot as it is having a very nice mood.


Looking amazing! Just when I was getting tired of room renders I see this and feel a breath of fresh air.

A few things.

Your ies lights on the left side feel like they are coming from the base of the light yet the actual model of the light is extended out and angled a bit more. That feels wrong, maybe the geo needs to be brought in closer to the wall.

The white light on the edge of the couch feels a bit faked. I can understand that it could be coming from the lights from the ceiling, but to me it just feels too fake.

Is the light in the back connected to the ceiling, feels like it’s floating?


I agree the photometric lights in the walls and the ceiling lights are little fake. I am not very happy with that too… any how I’ll take an attention in my next rendering. Thank you.!


beautiful your work.


I really like the textures. Very nice.


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