Living Room, Jason Lee (3D)


Title: Living Room
Name: Jason Lee
Country: United States
Software: LightWave 3D

This is a living room i did for some practice. I used photo reference for the idea, and then changed a few things from there. Done in lightwave with some minor post work in psp. Thanks for looking.


lights and materials are impressive, congratulations


looks very nice!!! Only crit is that in some places the shadows look to strong. On a normal bright day the shadows are not that strong. It looks like there is a strong lamp somewhere in the room that is the main source of light.


yes there’s a probleme with the shadow…
otherwise i thing the window need some glow effect, it may soften the atmosphear. it’s just an idea, i may be wrong
Instead it’s realy a nice job, very complete work :thumbsup:


is cool…

u gona beat Pixar :wip: :thumbsup:


Well very nice modeling,Composition and lighting…Realy nice job:thumbsup: :thumbsup:
I agree with drubster…shadows should’t be that strong!!

C&C on Mine :shrug: :



Really nice texturing and lighting~Such a cozy living room!


Hey Otacon, just been looking at your gallery stuff some really amazing stuff in there. The only thing I think that makes your images not look totally photo real is that everything is so straight and perfect. I know you could argue that it’s for that perfect room like you get in brochures but I just find that in all your images when I see a rug it really stands out as been 3D, the same thing with curtains. I reckon even if you just radomized the verts a bit on the rug it would help with realism. Maybe just one corner here or there that has a slight curl. Apart from that your work is simply outstanding.

Five stars from me by the way

Pete B


Thanks for the comments! I did add a little glow around the window in post, but maybe not enough if you cant notice it. Shadows are kinda strong, but i wanted some contrast to make it interesting.
peteb: Thanks. I will keep in mind what you said for my next project.:slight_smile:


Where do you get your photo reference from? Is there a particular interior archi website or magazines you could recommend? :slight_smile:



For this room i got a photo from


beautiful textures, models… and everything!


Man, the lighting looks great, the textures are really good too! One thing about the curtains, the left curtain looks like it has more wrinkles than the right side, I don’t know if it should be like that or maybe it dosen’t matter?


Yeah. I saw this one last night and now I see it again. I think it’s very good. I was on the hunt for 3D interiors for a client and a friend and I bookmarked this one, if you don’t mind. Thumbs way up. Can you tell us something about how it is done?


Thanks. How its done. I started with a box, flipped the polys to face inwards. Cut out the windows, beveled some boxes for the mullions, made another flat poly with lots of divisions and jittered it for the curtains. Couch was poly modeled and subpatched. Tables are just boxes, with a poly for glass. Lighting is 3 area lights, interpolated radiosity. All done in lightwave.:slight_smile:


You have some really great looking models in your gallery, man thats some great lighting on some of those images and the textures are brilliant.

What sort of VW you got? :slight_smile:


bad taste, the one who bought the interrior…
but well done modeling and rendering.

i think it would be interesting to see this one renderered with maxwell.
in my eyes it puts that bit of randomness in an image, that makes it look
so incredible real. -just a thought…


Pffft, at the moment only 3 stars?? yes this is a pretty medioker image…NOT.

Good job, a crystal clear imnage. I like it a lot so keep up the goo work!


Jason you did a great job with this piece. I personally don’t think the shadows look too strong at all. If you were to “soften” it up any more, it would have that typical “soft cg” look to it, and I am glad you didn’t go that route. I also think the glow at the window is just right. If you were going for absolute realism, you nailed it. Congrats!


Wow, thanks. Its an honor to be included in the cg choice gallery! Ive been trying to get in here for a while.

lucas_wallis, no vw, i just like the way the key looks…i did it for a speed modeling challenge.