Living Room, David Sáenz (3D)


Looks great! I thought it was a photograph!


an absolutely beautiful render…Nice work!! :applause:


It’s great to see a 3D image that makes me simply think “Man, I wish I was there!” instead of “hmm, this bit and that bit don’t look so real, and the lighting’s funny…”
5 stars from me!


Oh my, that looks awesome. Goodjob. So much to look at. :eek:


it is really unbeleivable. i wonder how do u light such a scene? is there any kind of settings in the vray renderer dialog to be adjusted to give such a result?
Thank you all in advance


Thanks for your commentaries and the award, all this is fantastic and unexpected, thanks again.
About the settings, now not it memory, but I do not think to have made nothing special.
Best regards


Sabiendo que eres Español, te escribo en nuestro idioma. Realmente impresionante tu trabajo, no sólo el manejo de la luz y el renderizado. La escena en sí, es muy hermosa. Creaste una sala muy acogedora y combinaste texturas y colores muy sabiamente. Te felicito por el premio y espero sigas posteando trabajos de igual calidad.

Saludos de Chile,



I am working on some interiors and yours put mine to shame. Great control of the lights! Wow is all I can say.


Amazing!! Very nice light and textures…
I’d like to see the final render before the Photoshop job…
Pedro Jafet


Wow excelent rendering, lights and scene that nighttime image is great!:applause:


Great work!!:thumbsup:
to get rid of the floating objects, you can put an IES light in the two light with sharp shadows above the table IMHO.


Superb. Great. If the promotors don’t like it, they should sollicitate for another job.


oh man its fantastic

fabulous lighting and rendering
i just wonder why the brown cloth on the couch si too smooth.

again your a master


bravo!!! I like the reflections most and the mood.


very nice rendering :thumbsup:


Great job, very nice :thumbsup:


Great! :thumbsup:




I like this. The actual architecture itself is great. The reflection in the glass is very well done and is my favorite part. I think more modern furniture really could have helped this image though. The country vibe kinda clashes with the room itself and country doesn’t really work with bamboo silverware and fondue dinner ware. However, the actual modeling and rendering of it is great. Job well done.


How did you make the glass texture for the doors separating the rooms?