Living Room, David Sáenz (3D)


Title: Living Room
Name: David Sáenz
Country: Espana
Software: 3ds max

Second of seven images done for promotional purposes, to sell houses of new construction in the field.
I am waiting for the approval of the promoters to make the high resolution final image.
Rendered with vray and photoshop for textures and postproduction.
Hope you like
Night test


Wonderful render and highly detailed scene. I liked the colour palette as well.


Lighting is very, very nice. What kinda ruins the photorealism is the floating objects (fork, knife and spoon, and that thing under them - that thing where the dish and the dinner set lay.


Most impressive!

I don´t like design, but render and lightning is perfect, It looks like photo. :bounce:


very very nice render and lightning is goooooooood:thumbsup:


thanks a lot for your repllies.
@ GunraY: I 'll try to fix it, thanks


Wow that nighttime image is great!

I wonder, would the fondue pot reflection be so blurry? Seems to me like it would be pretty crisp. Could be wrong though.


wow,that’s pritty great!4 stars!


I have nothing to say~
It’s too beautiful,like a photo~


Oh guy!..nice work…amazing and beauty render.



Beautiful renders! I especially like the night shot. The placemats seem to be thicker in the first picture than in the second one. I wonder if that’s because of the lighting or something else? It’s the same geometry, isn’t it?


that is some detail, beatiful render…i like the night vesion more as well, wat did u use?


yes Sue3d, it’s the same geometry but it’s retouched with photoshop because GunraY said that it seems that it’s flying… and now I do not have time to render the scene again.


very nice lighting and texturing


Olá, excelent rendering, lights and scene, congrats


Beautiful renders! Absolutely photoreal. Thank you for posting both day and night images- shows that the scene holds up to both. Incredible work!


Five stars for me.It is really a impeccable work.Congrats.


very well detailed. I like it. Any chance we can get you on our crew?


Hola! Vaya calidad en los materiales e iluminacion.Realmente parece un foto.
Viendo a alguien español tan crack… Me podias decir algun sitio para futuras busquedas de algun buen trabajo de calidad?
Bueno, pues un saludo.



beautiful render!!! the only thing that might be a little imperfect, are the forks on the right side (seem to hover a little)