Live portrait : Antonio, Serena De Biasi (2D)


Title: Live portrait : Antonio
Name: Serena De Biasi
Country: Italy
Software: Painter, Photoshop

Another portrait I painted thanks to a real model.
This time I had the opportunity to “directly” work with him : he spent 6+2 hs in my studio and I must admit that it’s an amazing sensation to work with a tablet and a monitor like with real colors on a canvas.

This time the goal was a realistic representation of his face. To obtain it I used a lot of tricks. The first one is the “double window” under photoshop. With this option you can look at 2 windows showing the same pic but with a different zoom. It’s very useful to see how the whole image appears with the colors you are applying locally. This helps a lot especially in main-volumes definition.
The second one is the use of a simple greyscale : I don’t know why but I find more easy to work only with greys and do not manage all hues during the starting steps. So how to pass from greyscale to colors? Well, put a layer in overlay mode and apply your colors on it, then merge all and start to paint your details and manage it as a normal layer.
The third and last one is curve manipulation under ps. I find it very useful to enhance the 3D effect and manage the little lighting-errors.
As I wrote I used these tricks under ps but all the “pure-painting” process has been done under painter cause I feel better painting at it :slight_smile:

These are few image-steps.

Be patient, it was my first time with a live model here in my studio, I had no saving-method to show you more steps. I hope I’ll be able to produce a better documentation next time.


Painting from live models is very fun indeed! I think it’s your best painting to date. I love the loose, yet realistic feel of the piece. Very good altogether. :slight_smile:


The lighting is fantastic!


great light efects, good job



Holy cow this is awesome work Serena.It has that natural feel that you only get from traditional media.It`s like I can almost feel the brush strokes.Great stuff.



Great portrait, Serena! You must give us some lightning lessons!! :bounce:

I was about to tell you something like “Keep up your wonderful work”, but I guess isn’t necessary to tell you that, your production is great!

Congrats, cara! :smiley:


Bless :wink:


I’m really, really, happy. I know that it’s more a practice than an impact-piece but all your comments warm up my heart.

Thank you all !


very lifelike, lighting’s grate


Hi Biasi-gal :slight_smile: Simply superb lightwork :thumbsup:

-cheerZ- :wavey:


Very good work with live model.
It`s very interesting janre, I like painting from nature too:)
You showed the mood and emotions of this man very good and I think your next work would be better and better:)


Amazing and beautiful!


Now this I realy like!


Thank you very much, too all. I hope I’ll be able to obtain this kind of result also in “portraits coming from my mind” but I know it will be very hard.


great work Serena De Biasi . nice colors and good technical method .

keep up this kind of pieces :thumbsup:


Great lighting.
You’ve catched the right expression from him.
Really good!


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