Live, Gary Hendry (Animation)


Title: Live
Name: Gary Hendry
Country: Canada
Software: Xsi, Premiere, After Effects

I am just graduating from vfs and here is my demo reel. my main focus was cinematography and editing, in order to achieve that ‘concert’
feeling. hope you all like primus.


You seem to have forgotten to post links to the animation, seems to be happening a lot lately.
I would like to see this animation once you remedy that.


I found the link on his website

Its 34.4 meg. MS Mpeg4 v2


right. and the link seems to only work if you type it in your browser…


cool stuff gary. I bet you must be really sick of that song, after making a reel to it for the last six months eh? Good work any way, I really like the “drum Cam”. So congraduations, and its too bad you could not of graduated with our class, but we still kinda like you.


Hey nice work Gary! Especially great work on the look and cinematography. It looks awesome! Good luck in your future endeavors…or something like that. Keep in touch Gene…errr Gary.

And an obligatory smily face::thumbsup:



Excellent job! I will remember you
each time I see grass. Hahaha.
It’s been a great year for all of us.
Pleasure working alongside you…

Best of luck.

Much respect,


it was a tough choice choosing a band to animate, and of all bands Primus…

i like the look, the characters are neat and the rendering is quite polished… BUT… the animation is not good. to animate a believable drummer, you need to understand how to play drums… you can clearly see that she’s not playing anything close to what’s being played in the song. the one time you zoom in on her hitting the hi-hat it’s open, and i’m pretty sure she should have been hitting the ride cymbal. then you have your bass player trying to be les claypool, and his hands are hardly moving. he should be playing slap bass, and his hands and fingers should be moving quite fast. i mean, you don’t have to actually have your computer characters actually playing, but you should make it look close.

the piece looks good, but the song just doesn’t match up.


yup, animation isnt my strong point. i cleared the drumming with one of my good drummer friends, and he said all was cool… so not sure about that. yeah, gene the song is now permanently embeded into my brain… when you’re walking down the street singing your reel over and over, its time to quit


rock on man. I’m glad to see you done. congradulations. it’s definately unique, thats for sure. i like it :slight_smile:

good luck on the job hunt man. good luck to ya.


i just want to make sure you don’t think that i don’t like your piece. i enjoy the reel, but its definately hard to sync up animation with a band such as primus (i mean, have you seen les claypool play? sheesh!)

just wanted to post this, because i thought that my above post may have sounded a bit negative.


cool. yeah i saw primus last fall. insane! the audio clip is taken from the vancouver show that i was at.


here is the bands promotional poster. heh heh.


gary~yo man~
this is mikey~
I really enjoy ur reel a lot. I think I have watched ur reel more than 5 times.
Anyway, GOOD joB~ man~~
I know u worked pretty hard on this.
Good luck on the job hunt man!
we rock!.~


cool poster…
whose lips are those? lol


nice characters…cool lighting…congrats on finishing with a good reel.


solid reel.

i can tell you focused on the camera/lighting work the most. the cinematography turned out great, really captured that live performance atmosphere.

and the character design is pretty sweet too.



nice characters… maybe the texture should be more complex


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