Live Action version of "THE FLASH"


Hi everybody,

I’ve decided that my fall personal project is going to be creating a model of a live-action version of the DC Comics superhero, The Flash.

Now, for the design of the character, I plan on going a different direction from the past live-action incarnations of the character. I intend to lift design cues from recent superhero movies; the most influence coming from Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise. The suit won’t slither out of a fancy ring (sorry fanboys) but will feature a more streamlined, armored look similar to that popularized in The Dark Knight, and will appeal to my hard-surface modeling skills.

I know I’m going to get flamed on concept alone, but the Red & Gold cloth-ish suit has already been done (by Stan Winston) and I want to take the design in a different and more modern direction. So, to get started… the bolt:


Still really early, but here’s what I was able to get done in the last few hours:

I’m going to bed.


I was skeptical at first, but looking at the first image sold me. Now I’m excited to see more!


Thanks Vikung,

Here’s a small update on the torso and the start of the arms.


Wahoo for free time. Here are quickly made versions of the mask and gloves. My ultimate it goal is to animate this guy in an action sequence. Click the pic for a vimeo turntable.


Hello SantoAnderson, love the idea would n’t the suit need to be more lightweight as it would need to be something to optimise speed, also, though I see the influence from The Dark Knight 2nd suit (which is toooooooooo badass!!!) the chest/shoulder padding from the back looks like one whole unit (so the arms would have a problem with fluid movement) whereas TDK version is broken down to the shoulder and back.

Overall a cool piece.


I like this concept but while creating this piece I want you to always keep in mind that he runs. If what I did everyday was run I would want to be in something that has complete and utter moveability (spelling?)

Make sure that all the joints hips/shoulders/ankels/etc. are areas of the armor esque outfit that are jointed or just has cloth. It would be really hard to run as fast as he does in knights armor :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it so far just please keep that in mind! :smiley: Ill be keeping an eye on this piece!

Edit: Awesome tag line. Love The Office!


Yeah, as for the armored design, I’m definitely going for elasticity. I intend upon animating this guy and I want to make sure I don’t impede basic joint movement. You just see a lot of Flash 3D models where it’s just Wally in the unitard, and I felt like it was time to do something a little different.


Oh yea I deff agree that changing up the design is a good idea dont get me wrong. I just want you to be aware that he has to function comfortably in this heavier armor.

For the design maybe thing of less is more in this case. A lot of armor say Iron Man/Batman esque for him maybe isnt the way to go. 1. It would probably be too heavy for him and 2. Movement may be impared although I know that Batman has a lot of athletic movement in his armor.

I would say dont totally walk away from the cloth. I would incorporate them both together because they are both practical in their own way :slight_smile:

When I think of the flash I think of sleak fluid and quick. Embody his ability to run fast into his armor design :slight_smile:

I think for him a more reptilian armor design where the scales (plating) fold into eachother. I would say keep the armor tight to his body and try not to go too bulky.


Update on the lower extremeties.

Now this update, hopefully, supports why I’m slightly against seeing him in ONLY a skin-tight spandex suit - butt and junk.


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