Live action & 3D mix for AICP Show title sequence


Update: Some of you requested an interview about the making of this title. Just added that. Click on the link below to read it. Some concept art work also attached here and some more on the site (when you click on the name of the studio ‘motion504’).


I posted motion504’s title sequence for an AICP trade show on ‘Forget the Film, Watch the Titels’. A very nice, slick and imaginative title sequence - a mix of live action and 3D.

“Flexing their creative muscles to the max, Minneapolis broadcast design & animation studio motion504 delivers a title sequence with true “Hollywood appeal” for an industry show. The annual show, hosted by AICP – an umbrella organisation representing the interests of the American production industry within the advertising community – brings together the best work in the industry. The title sequence introduces the show’s reception sponsors, one by one, in a truly original fashion, creating a “cinematic narrative that imagines the craft of ‘moving type’ via mechanical gadgets that look as if they were built a century ago.”


Really great job !!



Great intro!

Could you talk a bit more about the production?
Any concept art?


I love a good title sequence - this is great!


Absolutely Beautiful! Well done!


whoaa, I really love the atmosphere of the title sequence, the color, we are lost in the time, past or future? I want see more ^^


Yeh man!!

Gorgeous all that mechanic animations! ;D
Wich studio did this?

See you!


Very cool work. Great use of 3d.



Great work, was really entertaining and well done. Great job!!!


That’s really cool. I really like it. Those mechanic objects was Amazing!


Loved it! From the designs to the grading. The sound was very good as well.


Beautyful sequence. I loved the great look and mood of the realfootage and the phantastic design and integration of the text gizmos. I really enjoyed watching it. Thanks for sharing!

Cheers Silverwing


I really love the atmosphere of the workshop. Beautiful mechanical art deco inventions animated very well. Sound and camera are done perfect!


Am I the only one who can’t view it?


Just…wow! Beautiful work. Loved the sound design, too.

Website says the 3d was done in C4D, right?


perfect. loved every part of it. great job on bringing in everything together and making it blend into a really great atmospheric veil of sorts.:beer:


awesome :slight_smile:
looks like the hell raiser box @ 3:05’ish.
the matching is done really really well :slight_smile:


Now that’s pure awesomeness! Great job guys! :applause:

Could you post some behind the scenes on location shooting too? Oh, and I think I speak on behalf of most of us here when I say… we want a glorius HD version! :buttrock:


I will ask the designers to provide an HD version for the site. And making of footage would be good, will ask for that too.


Thanks all for the great response. Roberto and others, please let me know if you have any specific questions, and I’ll include those questions in the interview I will do with the designers.