Little soldier, Alessandro Baldasseroni (3D)


Title: Little soldier
Name: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

Did this for a friend of mine, based on Tom Gluckmann`s concept.

very high resolution at :




Fantastic… :slight_smile: The materials are so nice.


Oh man! whenever you post something new, it barely puts me in awe! great char :thumbsup:


As i said on zbc, looks to directly come from the last pixar or disney, beautifull.


very nice render as always :slight_smile:


Already saw this on your website, but I didn’t have the chance to say how wonderful this is! You can almost feel the touch of his clothes, and imagine a really funny and emotive character that to be honest, could be used in a top quality motion picture. Your skills and talent just keeps impressing me more and more, and for me, you’re one of the best around, a constant source of inspiration, and everytime i see a new work from you, it’s impossible for my jaw not to drop.


Simple + very funny = AWESOME! :thumbsup:


These are simply Amazing! I can only dream of modelling this well.

Well done!


Love the character and his expressions, awesome! :thumbsup:


lool nice char Baldasseroni,congratz man!!


I just love the style.
Top noch!


Woah! Amazing! Shaders, character… everything is awesome!! =D
May I ask, did you rendered in MR?

Congratz dude!


Thank you all :slight_smile:
Have to say Tom Gluckmann did an amazing job on the concept, i just tried to be faithful to his design as much as possible.

I was not sure how to post a clickable iperlink to the big resolution render in the first post, so here it is again :

and here`s the original zbrush sculpting :

and the final wireframe :




Great model, Texture and shading.
Very nice character. I like it so much.


Fantastic. I love his expressions and attitude.


This is great! Great work on the mesh, the expression and textures!! Insta-smile when I caught sight of him. :smiley:


Funny model. :wink: Great as always!


I love this dude Ale… you should make him in a poplocking position lol Boom!


Saw this and remembered the old sculpt. Great to see it rendered! Amazing stuff as always.


cute character, good work!