little samurai ant



I made this little samurai ant. There are some things left to do for example a sheath for his
sword. The shaders are a bit of an experiment and will maybe change complete.



haha, nice concept for this little samurai ant Bob… I likes it, very cute… I would agree with changing the color scheme some, but hey, great job on the modeling… very good ideas in this little ant :slight_smile:


thats to cool…you have to exagerate his samurai look though…make it more clear.

cool model…cool render…try some samurai colours maybe also like that idea.


It’s an interesting idea,maybe you can give it four arms and two swords…
And I think the ant should look more agressive,but in a funny way.


Cool character! And I really like cel-shaded stuff. :thumbsup:
I like JohnnyGoo’s suggestion of making him more aggressive/funny. Or maybe make him a friend or foe with that look.

Did you use Sketch and Toon?
Sorry if that is a dumb question. I am just learning Cinema :hmm:


That’s a great looking samurai ant!

I agree with the others to make him look more aggressive, maybe even a little roughed up.

Nice toon shade though.
Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:


Looks very promising. I’d like to see it rendered without the ST shaders too. :thumbsup:


great Char and nice look :slight_smile:
How do you generate the ToonLook?
Do you know tutorials, or is it easy. I don’t have play with toon in C4D yet.


do a search on here squid posted a file with some nice settings in it.

other than that kai made some example file included in something called Shades of Cell which is an excellent resource if you don’t have sketch&toon. you can download it from per’s site.


Nice ant! Perhaps a samurai’s hairpiece and a logo on his chest? I like the suggestion of the four arms and two swords - which I believe most samurai did have (short and long).
Maybe some scowling eyebrows like Yojimbo had all the time!
Call him - Yoantbo…



thanks for the nice comments and ideas. He will not get four arms or legs. This is really
inspired by “A Bugs Life” and I like it this way better, cool idea with the two swords though.
The toon shading is a variation of Squidincs toon material. The outlines are made with the
FlashEx plugin. As for his expression he will get of course a more angry look. But I have to
pose him first. I will not use toon rendering in the final image. As I have said its much inspired
by “A Bugs Life” especially in looks. So I will try to get this great lighting from the movie.
I made some first test for the enviroment and lighting. The problem is I need more detailed
plants. Anyway here is a little testrender.

I want my ant to guard the way to the anthill.



looking good bobster…like the flowers and path to anthill pov


oh yea, this looks really cool Bob… nice pov indeed, I totaly agree… :slight_smile:


I like the POV. The plants do need a little work. Perhaps, if your a fan of DOF, you could put some blur on the plants closest to the camera. I think that would reinforce the scale/aspect.



glad to hear you like the POV.

spend a day with rigging, uvmapping and such boring tasks. Now I can pose my ant and
of course I couldn’t resist and made a first testrender.

@3d_e: yes, I need plants with more details. I hate modeling plants. The scale too is not
right. The plants should be a bit bigger.



I’m loving this, Bob :applause:

Have you thought about giving them more of a protruding muzzle area

I have a little Flic figurine that sits on my monitor, and was just looking at the way it almost has an implied nose that blends into the mouth area… I’m sure you know what they look like as well as I do, but I thought it may be worth mentioning.


Great job, Bob. What’s your lighting set up on the ant hill pick? Looks great!


hey thanks!

@bobzilla: there are 13 lights in the anthill scene. 3 in a row over the path with blueish
tint for skylight. 6 in 2 rows over the plants with greenish tone for reflecting light. one
big spot as sun, slightly orange. the rest are fill lights and placed where I needed them.



Wow, that’s a lot of lights. That’s one area of 3D that I don’t have a clue about. Never seem to get that right. My out dorr lighting never seems to look “real”.

Thanks for the info…


Hi bob

I like your scene render better than your model…Both remind me very much of bugs life, but the ant is too much alike the ones pixar did in my opinion.
Why put it in blue as it was in the movie? There are so many colours of ants in the world, you shouldn’t go the easy way and take the same palette that pixar did. Make it red or black and it will instantly look more original.

Also the modeling look alot like the ants in Bugs life too. it bug’s me;) I got my Bugs life dvd out to compare your ant with the pixar ones…pretty much the same.
You are making a samurai ant, and ants are little armored creatures naturally. Why not make his own body armor a little more like a samurai armor, instead of a pixar ant with a katana. Make him an helmet-like skull as an example. cut his arms and legs and make them look like armored pads, just add a little details and forms to his torso so it can pass for a multi-pieces breastplate. and…Samurai wears tabi-boots not medieaval foot armor, split the big toe from the rest (just that little detail on the foot could make it look Asian and samurai/ninja).

good start anyway:)

p.s. maybe a little translucency on the plants in your scene?