Little Run-away Princess, Jack zhang (3D)


Title: Little Run-away Princess
Name: Jack zhang
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, SOFTIMAGE|XSI

This work was created for the 3D entry of the 13th challenge of cgtalk, the Journey begins. The work took me 2 month and 1 month of research. All charactors were create and render in softimage xsi, retouched after in photoshop. The background were matte painted in photoshop.

The Little Run-away Princess is the 4th of my completed images, and currently the best complete work of mine. I’m very glad that I got my name on the list of honourable mentions, and hope you all enjoy it.

p.s: Congra to all winners.


OMG, wonderful piece, stunning colors, wow:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:


The individual elements look great.
My critique would be that the background looks separated from the foreground.
I see it more evident with the little raccon.

The difference of background and foreground is also evident since the nearby background elements as the tree have less defined edges as compared to the characters, which are quite sharp. A balance in sharpness of the nearby elements could integrate both background and foreground into one. The is a little inconsistency in the shadow density and sharpness to, but it is not that bad.

I love the girl as well as the background!!


Nice work! I love characters a lot, she is great, but funny animals around are fantastic. Especially squirrel :scream: Well done :thumbsup:


Great work Jack- very pretty image. congrats on your honourable mention!


well done ~very beautiful pic:thumbsup:
i’m your fans now:applause:


Great Painting.
I like this kind of fantasy mood.
Heartful feeling. :slight_smile:


Great work man

congratulation :slight_smile:


nice one
i have been followed your challeng but i dont know why …
i think it s not a fairy challeneg



you totaly captured a non 3d illustration feeling here- cool :slight_smile:


i agree with cesarmontero. a little bit balanced sharpening could help to fix the problem.

but i like it. congratulations.


Yup, even with the sharpness issue, it is a 4 or 5 star piece.

Allready voted too! :thumbsup:


Excellent. :thumbsup:
5+ stars… :applause:
the lighting is perfect.


5 stars + frontpage vote :slight_smile:
very nice work, I really like the expressions on all the characters faces, funny, cute, adorable, excellent!


Thats so cute, how did you get that 2d look? I love it :slight_smile:


Your 2d background is so good and detailed that you would think that you would have trouble with the 3d, but I think you have manege to make it work.


Thank you guys for the visit, the comments and the crits.

It seems just like yesterday, working on LRP nights and nights after work. I still remember those nights when I almost killed myself for not getting the right feeling of the face, the dress, and the background. It was a great memory.

As cesarmontero and alisureyyatorun and many other mentioned, there are still many issues apear in the image. I have to agree (or else I would get a grand price instead of honourable mentions, wouldn’t I? :)). So far at this point, I can only say that I did my best, based on my knowledge and skills. And I say, next time I will die-trying to make a better one.

Due to the fact that many have been asking about how to achice the 2d look, before moving on I decide to, once again, share the technic with those who wasn’t following the challenge entry.

I composited 3 layers in photoshop, every layer has an alpha.
I put
ps_retouch_layer on top of
Ambient_occlussion_layer on top of

Hope the technic really helps. Again, thank you all for coming and voting. Thank you.


Hi Agein.:scream:
Very Very Great Job.
I love the idea and the light,every thing is great.:love:
Best Wish Jack.

Hamed Katebi


Congratulations on your new Masterpiece.

It´s really outstanding and congratulation on the hourable mention.

Have Fun my friend … :beer: Alex


so nice and looks funny … i liked your style :slight_smile: