little robot running...(wip)


I currently working on this image of little robot running away from someone/something. I’m not sure a this moment wat he’s running from, problaby a some kind of animal (I’m open for suggestions :))

At this moment I’m not sure if I should use DOF or not :shrug: , so I wanted your opinion about that and other critique en suggestions are welcome also :thumbsup:

withouth DOF:

with DOF:


great. nuff said.


Oh sorry… use DOF. Period.


Met DOF. En eveneens een “Punt” :wink:


Who’s nuff? :wink:

I like the one with DOF, it reinforces the cartoony aspects.



Yes to DOF (maybe toned down a little).

Great lighting? What kind of set up did you use?

As far as what he’s running from…how about a dog? If he’s a really small robot, you can make it slightly comical by having him being chased by a puppy!

Or…maybe a huge wave of water…

Nice work…


I just used a very slightly orange parallel spot with area shadow for the sun and a skyobject with a light grey’ish/blue’ish color with radiosity.

I like the idea of the puppy but I’m not very good at organic modelling. But I might try that.

Tnx for the positive comments :thumbsup:


Hey sjink,

Fantastic… This is exactly the kind of stuff i am aiming for once my new mac gets here (Damn Apple incompetence - :rolleyes: !

Don’t know about the puppy thing though… kind of Toy Story 2ish! (Woody and the puppy!)

Maybe have him runnning away from ants or a “squiinc” spider…that would be kinda fun!

Whatever you choose, keep it up this is great!



You could avoid the whole organic modelling thing and have him running from a rolling/bouncing toy ball. Sort of a spin off from the Indiana Jones scene where he was running from the giant rolling rock.

Good stuff…waiting for more.


I vote yea for DOF too. Just emphasizes the cartoony feel as cartesius pointed out :slight_smile:


DOF. I kind of see the dog from Chicken Run chasing him. Scary, but toonish.


when i read little robot running i instantly though it would be an animation, but alas no a still - you defiantely have to animate him, he looks great


Yes, DOF definately. Nice texturing too…


I love your robot and the textures and colors are great.definately like the DOF image better.I’d be tempted to add just a tiny bit more mechanical detail on his body, to match those great arms and legs


I like the one with DOF better. I really like this little fellow. Great character.



Like it, especially the dof version. Maybe the dof could be a little stronger–particularly in the foreground?


I love the look you have achieved in this image :thumbsup:
I agree that this is begging to be animated!
Also have to agree that DOF suits this image best.

And thanks for the lighting info!


Hi sjink- just checked out your site-love it! that tank in particular is the treads and the rifling on the barrel!
cheers, Shakes


DOF! DOF! I like the DOF too. I’m with Adam. Some people will argue that it’s not proper but I don’t care. I just think it looks good. I like the style too. Let’s see more.



I tried to model an angry chicken but at the end it looked more like a pigeon :D. But I kinda like it anyway.

Here’s one withouth DOF so you can cleary see my failed chicken :thumbsup: