Little Robot - Animation WIP walkcycle test


Im doing an short movie about the adventures of a little robot.
I’ve been posting the stills in 3D Wip Still forum folder, but now I’ve finally started the animation test so I decided to put it in this Thread also.
Here it goes, it’s a superoptimistic walk. Just made it to be sure personality, textures and the cables were all ok.
Superoptimistic Walk Cycle

C&C are welcome :smiley:

I’ll be posting updates soon.


It looks pretty good to me there. I am not a total 3d guru, but from simply an admiration standpoint of, “wow I wish I could do that”, it looks great.

Nice job so far.


Hmmm…I think if you want the arms to go forward that much you should have them go back more, because much more momentum is needed to move those arms than what is shown in that clip


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