Little Red Riding Hood, Vanja Todoric (2D)


Fantastic work and great atmosphere. Thet devious little Riding Hood was always a bit suspicious to me!:wink:

Goths and Darkers will be rejoycing: finally something for their kids to read at night:)

Great work


Nadam se da cemo videti nove radove uskoro!


Great design! Simple yet very effective. I love the wolf with its psychotic grin.:smiley:


Successfully creepy, I got chills. It did however take me a while to grasp that Little Red was sitting on a stool in the first frame… maybe the size of her head/skull threw me off (or maybe I’m just slow). In any case, nice work.


I’m totally loving the colours and mood, the textures too…Actually I love everything…I’m a bad person to ask an opinion from (_ _)~


love your treatment, wickedly cool! give us more


I think you made a great job with the textures and definitely you got an atmosphere!!
Great someone work also the original version of the tale,amazing only few know it :wink:


Wow! I love it… so unique and darker way of telling the story with awesome art :applause:


wow, this is really cool, love the style, love to see more!!


It is different. I like it. Loved the Grandma’s house part (:


wow good job


Odlicno. Bravo majstore.


love the usage of patterns!


Nice concept…I love the style of your painting…!! :applause:


Indeed, that is the original story. In fact, most fairy tales have a grissly, grim ending, but children story tellers saw the need to tell the stories in a way without keeping the children up wetting their beds all night.



Wow these illustrations are really great! Love the style and all the detail and decoration!

I think the skull-headed riding-hood would be better if it were more “normal” but it’s still cool in a dark-tale sense. Excellent and beautiful work!


Nice… I like “what if” kind of things.
Here you’ve achieved great style of expression and the necessary creepy mood… nicely done.!


yeah i know:)
thought it would be fun to show people the real and scary side of the fairy tales, and maybe make them awake all night and wetting their beds :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you all once again for the kind words, means a lot to me.


i realy love this story!!!


Wow, such a beautifully dark and moody representation. I like your style a lot Vanja. Great work! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



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