Little Red Riding Hood, Vanja Todoric (2D)


Title: Little Red Riding Hood
Name: Vanja Todoric
Country: Serbia
Software: Photoshop

“Little red riding hood” by Charles Perrault, (Story board)

  • In this version there is no hunter who comes and rescues granny and the little girl in the end, … wolf eats them, story over.

  • This is the main reason why the girl has a scull instead of a face, (a “walking dead” metaphor)
    and why all other illustrations are present in a more spookier manner :slight_smile:

  • I would like to thank Mr Ricardo Tercio for the inspiration on the wolf character.

Comments are more than welcome.

Little Red’s room

Little Red and the Wolf

Grandma’s house

Little Red meets her doom


Kind of a cute funny scarry. I like the borders and the way you have presented this piece.


I like the atmosphere- house and the furniture inside it have that ‘clasic children story’ look but colors, textures and that cute wolf fellow make that pic more dark and interesting.


great work !

i like it ~


Pretty nice work. love the mood.



very cool! i love it!


Great creepy mood. When i saw the little red i thought that woolf is going to have hard time soon :smiley: Monster style!


Wow! you nailed it!


The lighting, the textures and the overall mood of the project follows perfectly your intentions._
great work


Wooooow!!! Fino… Suptilno… Morbidno… Odlicno… Mislim da cu se ovog trenutka lisiti svog digitalnog pera, postidjen grandioznoscu ove Crvenkapice…


[left]The old fairy tale and the new show. Nice![/left]


thx a lot u guys,
these are my first posts
and it is always nice to hear good things about your work, especially from people who share the same passion for art.

(i’m a little whiny drama queen :):):))

thank u once again …


Very cool work!!
Best regards, Selwy



Do you have a higher res version I could see?


Love it. :slight_smile:


Very moody and inspiring style, bravo! it would be sweet animation too :slight_smile:


Svaka cast vanja :slight_smile:


Lovely work! Komšinice :smiley:


nice style. it looks great.:slight_smile:


Great work! I love the mood.
Drago mi je da se u Novom Sadu tako lepo crta;)