Little Polar Bear II/Der Kleine Eisbär II - 2D Animated Film


Thought you would like this

Back for more adventures, little polar bear Lars and his animal friends Greta, Caruso and Robby go on a great journey to the Galapagos Islands. As the local volcano threatens to erupt, Lars makes the many creatures that live there stick together to save their lives.


any links?


A close friend of mine did setdesign and layouts on this, I saw a whole bunch of sketches when I was back in Belgium last christmas and it looked like it was gonna be a cool flick.
I really hope it does great; the 2d bizz in europe is in dire need of a decent hit.


its so cute


Links to what?


A link to the trailer or even some stills from the project would be nice to see, too…
I did a quick google and only found info for the first movie.



Nope dont have any more information except for who is in the film


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