Little Help for understanding



I didn’t saw a Python in Maya relative subject, so i put this here.

I’m a beginner at Python Scripting (I’m from max and i do Maxscripting…).

Here a script i get from internet (it’s work perfectly):

import maya.cmds as cmds

#get the skinCluster from the modelisation
def FindCluster (Mod_Name) :
shps = cmds.listRelatives(Mod_Name)
for sh in shps:
scs =‘skinCluster’)
for sc in scs:
mesh = cmds.skinCluster(sc, q=True, g=True)
if mesh[0] == sh:
Mod_SkinCluster = sc
print “Mod_SkinCluster”
print Mod_SkinCluster

I do understand most of it, but i i search about "cmds.skinCluster(sc, q=True, g=True) ", i find nothing about it.

What does represent q and g in it? (the rest, it’s ok)
I saw then so much time but don’t understand what they mean… :confused:


Have a look at this