Little Color Box, Cedric Seaut (3D)


Title: Little Color Box
Name: Cedric Seaut
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Silo, ZBrush

i just wanted to play with stylised character… play with color and exageration. There are actually three characters, here is Franck, the last :slight_smile:

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hell this is great. I love the design and the colors. Beautiful work.


Great design, love your render and finish. Also your color combination works really well and the amount of detail is really impressive.


Great character ! 5*



Great style and character concept! Not sure if it was your intention, but I love the painterly feel of it all. Very cool. Those shoes looks kinda uncomfortable, but add a lot to him. Nice work! 4*


Fantastic shapes and colors,I also like the other two you made ,can you please explain your texturing process?


Excellent work, I like your style mate :applause:


perfect! great! excellent!

but those shoes… ha ha. Not bad, but funny… You don’t see those very often.
This would be probably his weak point, when you have to kill him in an egoshooter-game, or what?

But I like him! Good Work!


cool texturing :wink:
good work :beer:


another 5*
amazing amount of detail :applause:


ver good work … 4 starts


Beautiful Modeling and Texturing! Keep it up. :thumbsup:


Great concept, it’s very original!
Love your style Cédric!


great stuff!! I love the details! Can you say something about your render and texture, it has a great feel to it!tnx


Cedric this is great work

love the character design…



good stuff bibou :slight_smile:


thanks a lot for the comments :slight_smile:

  • i used a very simple basemesh to define roughly the concept/shape/main details in Z.
  • then i redid the topology and reprojected the informations in Z.
  • finally polished the hard edge sculpting to have something more sharp and solid thanks to mask and brushes.
  • for textures, it’s all hand painted.The main colors were defined in Z with the polypaint and the fine details (scratches and stuff) were added then in photoshop by hand.

for renders, it was done with FinalToon, half percent max material, half percent FinalToon material… FinalToon allows you to do that. You can have very good balance between quality and speed… lest than 1 min to render a 300 dpi picture. And it fakes in some way the GI.

and that’s all i think.

more screens :


Great work! Really cool.:cool:


very impressive work.
Go on like that and you´ll have your very own style.


so ku. I like