Little Beast, Farkas Ekho Zsolt (3D)


Man… you sure did what you was going for! It’s a very nice model with very cool textures! :thumbsup: from me! :thumbsup:



Very nice work. I am modeling a Gator Monster, and having trouble with the scales. Care to share samples of your maps for me to learn from plaese?

Best Wishes



textures is perfect~


great work man, very nicely done. :slight_smile:


wow … wow & wow …

realy greet job man >>> modelling - texturing- rendering … :thumbsup:

so lucky man … first post … and put on the front …

5 stars from me … keep going …



Here is a quick tutorial,maybe not perfect,but gives a handy info about the process of the texture painting.

(our server is currently has some problem,and anything i upload get a “forbidden” message):shrug:


Front page stuff. Amazing work.

Skin could be a little darker, and the DOF could be a tad more progressive, but still 5 star work!!



Nagyon tetszik a képed! És örülök, hogy egy poénba bújtattad az egész fotoreál témát Ez a fotó keret nagyon találó!

Word Up!

I believe this really deserves 5 stars!




Yea, i like the texture! :slight_smile:


Amazing shaders and lighting!


realisitic textures! great models


nice work dude !
but can i ask how long did you render ??


[color=white]The most realistic image what I have ever seen before.Texture painting is amazing!

Ugyis van!Frontpage-re vele,ahova valo!:thumbsup:


I’ve never seen a perfect render but I think I just saw it. Awsome job. :applause:


Beautiful texturing and render! Congrats! :thumbsup:


Awesome buddy! Just awesome :eek: :eek: :eek:



Holy cow! Even looking at the wireframe I can´t still believe it´s a render. Living in South America, I´m used to see this iguanas… and this model is unbeliavable perfect !!!


i really must admit…when i had set my eyes on your model…after like a minute or so i thought: this is a fraud, it’s a photo. but then when u’ve uploadad the wireframe and the texturing tutorial…oh man. the only real comment i can think of is: HOLY SHIT!


:thumbsup: all the comments have been taken very nice tecture and model.


beautyful profi-job :thumbsup: