Little Beast, Farkas Ekho Zsolt (3D)


Title: Little Beast
Name: Farkas Ekho Zsolt
Country: Hungary
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop


This is my first submisson here:the little beast.
Why i chose an iguana?Well the challenge.It has a very-very complex “skin” and i wanted to Make it real-looking.The texture is FULLY handpainted with digipad.(yes,all of the squamas painted one after another)The igauana has 2 main maps ,the fore part (head,neck,and the first legs) and the back part (body,tail,legs).And of course: diffuse,bump,spec.etc maps.
So please share your opinion with me,how could i improve my little beast(and my skills).


Wow, its perfect!
Now i know what a scared bug feels like.


This can’t be a render. No way !


This is a really great image… It looks so real!!!
I’ve seen iguana and thought about how I would make it in 3D and here it is…
Great job…

I am not sure if it needs to be more bumpy… It looks good but some areas looks too smooth…
If you did enough research to do this, I might be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
The tree would look so much better with actual broken and falling apart pieces…
It looks like it’s a cylinder with bumpmap on… I would make actual pieces seperately to make it even more believable…

Great job indeed u’ve done!!!


WOW textures are perfect great job:thumbsup:


it looks excellent… would you mind posting a wireframe too?


Wow, really, really good! i love modelling animals…so this one I had to reply. To me this one should be on the front page…


agreed, front paged :slight_smile:


Thank you guys!

I am very happy,that you like my little beast:)

Here is the wireframe (only screenshot,because you cant see nothing on the wireframe render(huge polycount:) :


mmhm it’s smell like a CG Award here !

very awesome texture / render / modeling /// all
exellent work.


this guy has a nice first post :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree… its awesome work 5 stars from me!


Everything seems perfect to me. Good job *****


i’m really-really touched.Maybe it is not so special thing for you,but for my first post (and especially for me).

What can i say?

…i’m touched


Wow, you crazy masochist. Nice work.


Great work and excellent texturing !

How did you achieve the Depth of Field ? It looks a little strange in the foreground almost as if you’re looking through crackled glass. If it’s a post render effect maybe the grain is a little too large ? Also some of the bark might look a little flat.

Deservedly frontpage work though - nicely done.


Amazing texturing there, I almost tought it was a photograph :eek:
I love iguanas. Very Good job, you really deserved that front page


Really good. I’ve got an Iguana in the other room and the accuracy of the texture on this guy is striking (all those little nuances are there :applause: ). The only crit I have is that the ‘grout’ is a bit too dark, especially on the main body. Can you post a view of the whole model?




If that textures are hand painted you must be insane :smiley: I had one of those animals but she unfortunatelly died few months ago, great pets anyway and great render !


Wouldn’t it be easier to head to local exotic pet store and take a photo? :wink: Inspiring texture work!.. how 'bout a wire or step-by-step?