little animation competition here!


Let’s start a mini-quick animation competition:

Animating a Sphere & a Box, Telling a simple short story with them.


  1. Allowed Geometries are “One Sphere, One Box, One Ground Plane (Any Size, Any Type)”
  2. One Camera, Unlimited Lights, Textures Are Allowed But keep Them Simple, BTW It’s an
    Animation Competition Not a Modeling/Rendering One!)
  3. The length of the Film, Including the Titles & Credits should NOT be Exceeded 10 sec.
  4. All Methods of Animating are Allowed, Skeletal, Scale/Squash, Move, Rotate, Morph,
    (You could Morph the Box & the Sphere to each other, But Not to any Other Kind of Objects.)
  5. You can make a Hole, Crack or any Geometry Deformation/Destruction to the Box/Sphere.
  6. You can Extrude Faces/Vertices from them but the WHOLE Mesh must Looks like a Box/Sphere.
  7. The Whole Film must be Rendered/Previewed in ONE Single Shot, No Cut Allowed.
  8. Image Post Processing in an External Program is NOT Allowed, but Sound FX Mixing is.
  9. Oh, EYES are NOT Allowed! No Way, Don’t Ask.

The Entries will be Judged, but No Prize yet! :slight_smile:
Who want to be the Competitor/Animator & Who want to be the Judge?
Please be in Hurry, It’s Simple, Use Your creativity & imagination.



oh, I know what you mean, ila…

There’s something on these rules I don’t understand.
One light? why?
I know you want this to be as simple as possible, but I dont mean GI or impressive lighting, I just want it to look ok…

are you a competitor?

A corporated modeling, then an animation competition…man, these time eaters of yours are going to ruin my holidays!!


well, ok … the lights are unlimited! i corrected the ruls
& if you want i can be one of the competitors!, i already
have done 4 of them! :slight_smile: hahaha!
it was very very fun, i recommend every animator around try this.


ok, it’s mine…i mean these are mine!..

hope you have got the idea…you lazy animators! :slight_smile:


Some of us animators here are not lazy…we are just busy doing paid work…

…I do not have time to play with [my] balls…

:argh: :curious: :surprised :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh geez, Thor.

:applause: :buttrock: :shame: :rolleyes:


Frinsklen what program did you use to create the animations on your site? Maya or Max?


I posted in the thread under general discussion and figured I’d better post one here as well. I’m interested. It sounds like fun. But what’s the deadline?

ila_solomon: I can’t see your animations. I get page not found error. I was checking to make sure I’m not planning on something that’s already been done.


haha, I’m in! seeing no1 else is entering, I will deffo get 1st place, moewuhahah! :cool:

when’s the deadline?


Ila, stop animating or I’ll run out of ideas!!
seriously, that’s very well done.
I’m having some problems with my max copy and I dont know if I could do my “one box one sphere” thing. But I would really love to.

  • Velocamonkey, I use MAX, though the WIP head on my website is made with Maya
    (I mean THIS one)


hehe, thats very nice, ila :stuck_out_tongue:

but the one with the teeth, is that permitted?


Hey, how are you guys able to see the animations? Everytime I try to do anything with them, I get a ‘the requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found’. I don’t have any errors with the rest of his site…what am I doing wrong?


Mabye it’s your provider, try these direct links:


hmm, seems that u can’t download them “regular mode”

First rightclick and “save target as”,and then use download accelerator.


hello friends…

bentllama, i didn’t mean it seriusly, sorry!
Rogue, still no deadline because of those lazy animators(!!!)
& u must RIGHT CLICK on the links & SAVE THE TARGET AS…
this damn frontpage!!! i don’t know it very much, damn me too!!!
j00st81, since the teeth are faces extruded from the box
yes it’s permitted! :slight_smile:


ila_solomon and j00st81: Sorry guys, I still can’t download them. If I try to Save Target As I get the error mentioned before. If I left click, or click on the links you gave me above, I get the page not found error. This sucks. I’m at work at the moment, I’ll try when I get home. Maybe it’s our server, but I’ve not had any difficulties before. :shrug:

How many do we have so far, 3 or 4?


Rogue hope it will work from home, there is no limitation
for # of anims, more is better! fly your mind as far as you could!
see how many idea you can take out from it!..mine will be over
after the 7th one i think! :slight_smile: haha maybe then we should make
new rules. :smiley:


Well CRAP!!! I still can’t get to them. Here’s the error when I right click and try to save target as:

“Internet Explorer cannot download part#01_test#02.avi from Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. Please try again later.”

This is a first for me. The only common thing between here and work is both are IE ver5. Could that possibly be the problem? Surely not!?! I guess I should upgrade anyways.

I’ll start tonight on my spot. I don’t have any web space at the moment though…yeah I know, what kind of animator am I? If I still can’t download your avi’s, can you tell what each is about, so that I don’t inadvertently steal your ideas? :slight_smile:


use Download accelerator, GetRight or gozilla for D/L…
…install DAP then use the “Save As Target…” command.


I installed IE6 and downloaded GetRight. Still getting the same errors. I’ve tried everything I could think of and make a guess at. This is just bizarre. What gets me is I get the same errors from work, which has nothing in common with my service or computer at home. I’m at a lose…:sad:

Even more odd, I don’t have any troubles with anything else from your site. All the pages load fine and I can get your imagery. It’s a mystery. I wonder if anyone else has had the same difficulties.


ila: I cannot get the links to work either…

btw: I was trying to joke around about the balls thing…

your sipmple suggestion of using only a ball and spere to show character is a fun one…I actually like doing simple animation like that…the infamous flour sack is another fun thing to animate…