LITTLE ALIEN, Ali Zafati (3D)


Lovely little character, and the mechanical work nicely toes the line in terms of complexity without being overbearing.
Only the symmetry on the character itself took me out of it. It’s a funny idea to have two belly buttons, but it drew my eye right away to an area where both the geo and the texture patterns look almost perfectly symmetrical. Broken up a little bit more in the pose and high frequency details it’d go up a couple notches imo.


Amazing work. You deserve it!
Good luck man.


Thank you all and thanks to the CGtalk for the Award!!, I didn’t expect this at all.
i’m happyyy!!! :slight_smile: thank you very much


Great work ya man;) Congratulations:)


abuyhia: thank you very much
The-jaco:you’re right thank you very much!
I can not believe it :slight_smile: hh

thank you again!!

Lire phonétiquement

Lire phonétiquement


Really cool style. Kinda reminds me of creatures in The Star Wars character design books. Great work! :thumbsup:


Perfect work ali congrats


Character ready to be in a feature movie!, just damn awesome!


Very nice character! Reminds me a little of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

Cobra 6


very interesting work.




Favorite sculptor on the society!! :smiley:
Keep posting Ali


it’s an honor!thanks so much:)


welcome ali you deserve it impressive work


thank you very very much Wassim!!i apreciate :slight_smile:


hope you like it :slight_smile:


hope yo like it :slight_smile:

thanks for your time!


Best 3d sculptor
big imagination.
keep it up.


wassimalam :thank you very much!!:slight_smile:


some changes