LITTLE ALIEN, Ali Zafati (3D)


Name: Ali Zafati
Country: Morocco
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi All ,

here is my latest work , just for fun and practice.I wanted to share with you
created in zbrush (models, textures(polypaint), lighting, render) only the final compositing is in Photoshop
hope you like it
Thanks for your time

best regards


What a cool wee character, I like it!


i like the character alot, looks interesting, the contrast between this little guy and all the tech stuff on him is nice. shading could get some more variation, also some textures that breaks up all the reflection, glossy stuff.


great style, I like it!

I agree with Kzin … some rust textures on the metalic parts would be nice…


Its cool!
I like it dude.


Good work! :thumbsup:


very cool
great job dude :beer:


Very good work. I like it


cutest. thing. ever! :cool:


Brilliant execution. the composition is great too. i think it could look even better if he had the flyer eyes!


great work man


thank you very much guys! I appreciate!!


Look it realy realy disgusting:wip:
Good work,


awesome work man , looks like a baby Locust XD


Amazing character , Great work !!


love it,
would be grate to see him animated:)


Nice work. :applause:
I like the design.


cute creature. I like it.


Love the attention to detail. Great work!


Thank you very very much, I’m glad you like it !