Listing all meshes in the scene, getting shapes for meshes with contstrains


Hi there fellow python people,

I’m trying to get a list of all the meshes in the scene. It works fine until I use a constraint, then it doesn’t get the mesh but the shape. I don’t understand why it’s happening, any insights?

the scene has 2 object, pCube1 & pCube2.

from Maya import cmds

transforms =
polyMeshes = cmds.filterExpand(transforms, selectionMask=12)

print polyMeshes

Result: [u’pCube1’, u’pCube2’]

if I then apply a parent constraint to pCube1

Result: [u’pCubeShape1’, u’pCube2’]

I would like the result of when I apply the constraint to be the same result as without. Any help is welcome :smiley: