List of all Object Properties?


Is there a possibility to get a list of all properties of an object?
It´s because I want to use a costumized plugin object (Blur Path Cylinder) and want to affect the “Pick Path” Channel and I don´t know how it is called in script.

Thanks a Lot…



Try showProperties $.



No that doesn´t work :frowning: … it gave me all other Properties except the “Pick Path” Property i need.
Maybe there is no possibility then to change this value by script?


I don’t know the plugin, but Pick Path sounds like a button in the UI to pick a path, not a property?.. If it is exposed, it would be either via a method, or via an Function Published Interface method - try calling (showInterfaces $) to see if that’s the case. Otherwise, see if there is any documentation available, or source code. If not, email the developer (and good luck!)


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