hey everybody. here are a couple lipsyncs i’ve been working on. the bagger one is for class and the other was just some fun with some “This is Spinal Tap” dialogue . feedback is greatly appreciated and needed. thanks guys.


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hey jchristo, you’ve got some really nice work here, I love the milk piece, nice pacing, movement. There are a couple of points where it feels a bit overacted - the eye and head roll reaction could maybe be cut, I could imagine it would be funnier for him to do nothing, just a deadpan stare. personal preference though I guess. There are points where the arm and bottle don’t quite connect, but its very minor.

The oriental piece isn’t as strong, and is a little precarious in terms of subject matter. As much as everyone knows Spinal Tap is great film and a satire, if you take the clip out of context it could be taken as offensive - I’d leave it off your reel. Plus generi with no modifications is getting really boring, and though I’d like to avoid the whole generic models vs just looking at animation it won’t do your reel any favours.


Boath are realy good. I like the first one better though, maybe it’s because it’s sutch good character design./Jonas


thanks guys. this is exactly the kind of feedback i need.

mattmos - i hear ya loud and clear about the overacting. i always seem to add bits of uneccessary gesture in. this is something i struggle with constantly. i keep on getting told, “keep it simple stupid”, but i guess animating those gestures is so fun that i forget. oh, and point taken about the tap dialogue. i understand how it could be offensive, but honestly, i hope no one viewing my reel is that sensitive. thanks for the help man, i really appreciate it. i just saw your reel btw. lots of nice stuff on there.

JonasK - thanks man. yeah, that one’s my favorite too. its alway more personal when you’re working with a model you’ve created… even if the rig is sub-par.



Hey Jim,

Lip Sync on both look good!

On the first piece (milk), when he starts to laugh he bumps the milk and it moves a good amount… Try putting a gallon out on a table and bump into it, i don’t think you can get it to slide like that? You would either rock it off its axis a little or knock it down, or it would barely move, but it seems a little light. Then you use the character to lean on it towards the end… so you’ve set up this semi light milk object, and then had the character lean on it to support his weight in addition to holding on to the side… there is a slight disconnect there =)

On the generi one, his left hand seems to be a bit static, meaning even though his hand is not on the screen, i it looks like he’s pointing all his fingers straight down and a very static feel to it is being conveyed… Curl the fingers some on the left hand to give it a little more dynamic!

Good job overall :thumbsup:


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