Lipsync WIP - "You Gonna Eat That?"


This is a lipsync I’m working on for fun that might make it to my demo reel if I ever finish it.
I’ve only spent about 4-5 hours on it, and haven’t really worked on inbetweens and secondary action, so I’ll save you the hassle of having to point that out to me.
So crit what measley amount I have, and I’ll love you forever.
Any suggestions for what he should be doing the first couple of seconds would be great as well (he seems kind of lifeless and boring to me right now).
The beagle-squirrel picture is from

Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:


nice start. I like your choice of dialogue.

[li]I like from “you gonna eat that” to the first “no”, and I like “well, it crossed my mind…” but everything in between is too jerky. This person sounds very nervous, so I picture his posture reflecting that. He doesn’t need to be that animated really… the pose you have at the end is perfect: arms crossed, hunched over a bit. He should be withdrawn, unsure of himself. The whole part where he cant make up his mind should get toned down a lot. Subtle changes in posture and facial expression is all thats needed.[/li][li]more…um…milkshake. or …something? :shrug: [/li][/ul]I cant wait to see updates!


adam crockett -

thanks alot :slight_smile: thats some great feedback. i see what you mean, and it is a bad habit of mine to put too many poses in. i’ll definately have to change that. add more milkshake, i mean. haha :slight_smile:


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