Lips Sticking together


I am very new. To CG, to this board, to zbrush … to everything. I am trying to learn to sculpt people. My task for the week is to make 100 mouths. I am up to mouth 10 :). The problem I am having is the lips keep sticking together. I am wondering if there is a technique, (mb some magical tip) to prevent this. Here is a pic

I just got started on mouth 10. I know it has issues (you should have seen mouth 1). If you have some tips on how mouth 10 could look better I would be happy to listen to that too, but mostly I would love to know how to keep the lips as their own entities.


You came to the right place to get answers for your Zbrush issues :slight_smile:
Before you start charging forward making 100 mouths, I would like to stop you where you are at and ask you a question.
What happens if Mouth #1 is incorrect? Then you go on to sculpt more mouths without knowing what mistakes you are making.
Now after that, you created a bad habit with 100 mouths. Which many times it’s hard to rewind a bad habit.
While there is nothing wrong with sculpting 100 mouths, just make sure you are researching and referencing of a correct lip the first time around.
That being said, The anatomy of your lip doesn’t look correct.
Lips don’t have sharp outline around the whole mouth.
Lips can be pretty tricky because the surface changes are subtle.

With the lips sticking together. It seems to be you’re working in dynamesh.
For dynamesh, any surface that are in close proximity, will merge together.
So if you want the lips seperate, make sure to keep a distance between the top and bottom lip.