Lipid Bilayers to Polish your Model


I’f you’d like to add some real detail and flare :arteest: (and a viewport challenge) to polish your model in the 11th hour, you can try the new Lipid Bilayers we’re posting through the night of March 15 for each of the HIV models. If you’re up for a real challenge, you can even add bilayers yourself. Please visit this tutorial page for instructions on accessing or building the lipid bilayer models.


Hey Graham,
Can you post more information about where to find these bilayers and tutorials? I am not seeing anything at your link above.


Should we be seeing a new bilayer recipe in our autoPACK GUI? I am not seeing anything new. I tried manually updating from the help menu also.


Hi Guys,
The Bilayers looked promising two days ago, but are still giving us problems with the core code. I’m going to post just a couple example with strips of bilayer that you could use to zoom in on if you wanted to show some closeup I’ll write back here when they are up and we’ll try hard to get more and more regions filled.
I’m not going to release the code that would allow you to do this yourself yet, because it will require a major update to the versions of autoPACK everyone is using across all of the operating systems and Hosts, so we are afraid to break anyone’s version with just hours left. I’ll try to test and post some first strips for you within an hour. Please check back here.


Scrambling around today. I posted a few “test strips” of lipids that match HIV 1.3-1.4 and a long video to show you some tricks you can do with them… I’ll keep working to post some more relevant patches, but if you restart your system, you should now see lipids called HIV_1.3-1.4_LipidBilayerTest

Hack Video Tutorial for visualizing lipid test strips.


Hi, is there anyone who got it work? I used 3d max, blender, maya, but nothing showed there, except error.


Lipids are now functioning.
We’ve made the files backwards compatible with the versions of autoPACK that everyone should have installed in midMarch 2013.

To open the Lipid test strip file, there is one change from the video tutorial.

  1. Start autoPACK

  2. ViewerTab:
    Load and autoPACK/cellPACK recipe for: [COLOR=Lime]Lipids
    Recipe version: 0.0[/COLOR]

  3. The first time you load, it may take a long time to download all the needed files. With a fast connection using C4D or Maya the lipids should appear in 30-60 seconds. The second time you load they should appear within 10 seconds. Using 3D Studio max on the same internet connection, it takes some time to build the scene- about 4 minutes on my system.
    HIV1.3 or 1.4 loaded in normal time on top of Lipids0.0 in C4D and Maya, but takes an additional ~4 minutes in 3D Studio Max.
    More info.

Not yet tested in Blender and Soft Image.

If you discover any trick or speedups please post them here!



Thanks a lot.
What a shame I am only seeing this thread now.
I’ve made my lipids myself (and place them with a Cloner Object in C4D) but been struggling a lot.

I’ll check out the autopack lipids now


Not sure why this just came to my email 3 days later, but I wanted to see if you had any luck loading. I only had feedback from one other user who tested in Max and Maya with success in both.


hi, it is only because I am new member here. It takes time for my message to be validated. I am Ying who emailed you about the lipids bilayer. :slight_smile:


recently I updated the autopack. But it is a pity that I did not see any updates with lipid bilayers. I am assuming that it is going to be hard on working on this. Hopefully we can see updates later. Thanks.