Lip Sync (please Crit)


hello all. I just got my hands on Jason Osipa’s book “Stop Staring” and within a week I was up and running with facial controls for a character I am working on. All I have is the head so far, but I was so anxious to use Osipa’s techniques that I had to rig it and animate it.

Here is what I have done so far. Please let me know where I can improve. This is my first custom facial rig on my own character.


All comments are welcomed.



The lip sync and facial expressions are good. The two things that jump out at me is the rather linear head movement and missing a tongue. But I’m sure that’ll change once you start playing with a body too. Keep it up, doing good so far.


good work on the lip sync. no crits there.

when he first looks to his left, then sloooooooowly turns his head back to the right, is way too slow. noone does that. looks very unnatural, like he’s in space. Also, pretty much throughout the whole thing his eyebrowes are popping up and down with almost every word he says. it’s really distracting. Also, all of your eye movements are too slow. it’s actually physically impossible for you to move your eyes that slowly. As a general rule of thumb, i never key eye darts more than 3 frames apart, and 90 percent of the time they’re either 1 or 2 apart.

other than that, great stuff. i really like the acting choices and the character. good stuff.


Thanks for the replys all. As for the eyebrows moving a lot - I am struggling with that, because for some strange reason I was getting subtle eyebrow movement even when I was only creating blendshapes for the mouth. Im not sure why that happens. I select the verts around the mouth and nothing else and when I make my shapes the brows do not move. But, when I open up the blendshape editor and move the slider, then I get subtle brow movement. It is driving me crazy. I like animating this characters head, but I don’t want the eyebrows to hold me back. Im not sure if there is a way to fix it. If anyone knows a good way please let me know.



Try watching the synch without sound. I think you’ll see that the mouth is moving too much… remember that we smooth over a good deal of our vowels, blend them together. Consonants too, but to a lesser extent. Try watching yourself talking in a mirror… don’t try too hard to annunciate, just watch the flow. It’s a lot subtler than ya might think. Also, the “rest” pose, of him biting his lip is repedetive. It makes it feel kinda mechanical. Keep in mind that he should hit important consonant poses a few frames before the audio.


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