Lip-sync/Anim to "Army of Darkness" clip


Hello, “This is my BOOMstick!”

I just used a simplistic character to convey lip sync and animation.
Critiques welcomed.

the movie can be found here


I know I don’t qualify to comment on this piece, because I know close to nothing about 3d animation. I do however, know how work intensive it is, plugins or not. Your synch for me was right on the money. It felt like the words were coming from your characters mouth, even though it wasn’t skinned yet. I was sold from frame 2 on. Great job, look forward to your work in the future. Gotta go dry off now, when your character yelled “boomstick” it scared the… you got the point great job.


Kool, I see you are from Toronto, I live there too good to meet local talent in here.

I checked out your web site you have some good concepts there. hope to see
some animations with them…


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