Lion study n°1 : muscles, Nicolas MOREL (3d)


Title: Lion study n°1 : muscles

Name: Nicolas MOREL

Hi Guys !
I wish to share my last personnal project : this écorché of a lion. Next step gonna be make the skin ! This is the first step of a bigger project ! But i wanted first to understand the anatomy of a lion, which i never studied, before jumping into a crazier project. All done in Zbrush, with all searated subtools for more control. More incomming soon !
(I didn’t make the skeleton, i’v downloaded for free on internet)

Hope you like it !


Beautiful ! I would love to do an ecorche one day.


very useful! Thank you!


this is the most useful way to visualize anatomy.
Would you do some male/female anatomy for us :slight_smile: :smiley: :slight_smile: ?

I’ve always found it hard to transfer the information in traditional anatomical drawings, or photography to my artwork,
but this is clear as day!!


That’s very impressive, cool as.